Business Ethics

2021 NLC Topic

Social media companies often utilize personal information and collect data from their users. Anti-trust laws are designed to protect consumers and encourage free enterprise. Have these companies become too intrusive, and do they now fall under anti-trust law considerations? 

2021 State and District Topic

Daniel’s Fund Ethics Initiative -click buttons for more details

Event Introduction

Business Ethics is a ‘Presentation Event without Equipment’. These events include a presentation or role-play. Review Guidelines for more details. 

Business Ethics is a Team or Individual Event 



Competitors must research and develop the topic prior to conference and be prepared to present their findings and solutions.  

Facts and data must be cited and secured from quality sources (peer review documents, legal documents, etc.)

Competitors are permitted to bring prepared notes of any type for the presentation. NO books, reference materials, or visual aids allowed. 

Business Ethics Examples

This is your competition. Notice their weaknesses. You better win Matthew.