Business Financial Plan

2021 NLC Topic:

Create a Business Financial Plan for a new school store/school-based enterprise. You need to identify a specific objective for the store (i.e to fund/promote a specific club, organization, program, event, or cause). The new store should be specifically targeted for your school and demographics. The Business Financial Plan should include but is not limited to equipment, inventory, facilities, and operations management. 

Event Introduction

Business Financial Plane is a ‘Prejudged Report And Presentation Event’. These events consist of two parts: a prejudged report and a presentation. Competitors are required to complete both parts for award eligibility. 

Business Financial Plan is a Team or Individual Event.  



Establish and develop a complete financial plan for a business venture by writing a report on the 2021 NLC Topic

A one-page discription of the plan should be the first page of the report (not included in the page count)

(15 page PDF upload)  Front cover not included

7 minute presentation