Computer Game & Simulation Programming

2021 NLC Topic

Create an original game designed around a puzzle concept:

    • The game should be a stand alone and executable game.

    • Game should contain a scoreboard

    • The game should contain a leaderboard and celebratory messages

    • The game should have a minimum of three levels

    • The game should have lives

    • The game should have an instructional display.

Event Introduction

Computer Game & Simulation Programming is a ‘Demonstration Event’. These events consist of a demonstration of the project. Competitors are responsible for demonstrating the usability and functionality of the project.

Coding & Programming is an Individual or Team event.  



  • Solution must run standalone with no programming errors.

  • Data must be free of viruses/malware.

  • The usability and functionality of the program must be demonstrated to the judges.

  • Competitors must show the judges any of the following that are applicable: readme file, source code, documentation of templates/libraries used, documentation of copyrighted material used.