Digital Video Production

2021 NLC Topic

Create a video promoting your school to the community. The video should include co‐curricular, extra‐curricular organizations, and points of pride. All video content must be original.

Event Introduction

Digital Video Production is a ‘Prejudged Project And Presentation Event’. These events consist of two parts: a prejudged project and a presentation. Competitors are required to complete both parts for award eligibility. 

Digital Video Production is a Team or Individual Event 



  • The production must be original content; competitors may not use previously published video clips in the videos they submit for competition.

  • The production may use any method to capture or create moving images.

  • The presentation should include sources used to research the topic; development and design process; use of different video techniques; a list of equipment and soft‐ware used; and copyright information for pictures, music, or other items.

  • Video may be no longer than two minutes.

  • The video should be shown to the judges.