Participating in FBLA provides members with a plethora of new opportunities, experiences, and skills. The most effective way to immerse yourself fully in the FBLA community is to participate in FBLA competitive events in order to learn new applicable skills that will be helpful in your future endeavors.

CCHS FBLA Competitive Events

Remember! Members are required to sign up for two events as part of Creek FBLA.

It is recommended that those events include one objective test and one live event, where one of those events is a team event. The complete list of the over 65 different competitive events as well as their descriptions can be found on the Schoology Resource page for the Creek FBLA group as well as the national website.

It is important to keep in mind a few guidelines:

  • If you have competed in an event at the National Level you are not eligible to do that event again.
  • You cannot enter more than one live event (where you compete in front of a judge).
  • Events that begin with “Introduction to…” are only open to 9th and 10th graders.
  • Due to size restrictions, live events, whether team or individual, are limited to 4 entries per chapter so make sure you are prepared with other top choices if the live event you want to do it full. Objective tests do not have a restriction to the number of entries allowed.

Important Deadlines:

Prejudged events are due Wednesday January 9, 2020.

Online Objective Testing is open January 10 to January 23, 2020.

CCHS FBLA Social Events:

CCHS FBLA Creek Tournament and Barbecue – 10/26/19

CCHS FBLA – Winter Social Event – TBD

CCH FBLA – Spring Social Event- TBD

CCHS FBLA End of the Year Banquet:

Creek FBLA will be hosting an end of the year banquet after FBLA State to honor members who performed exceptionally in their events, members who were thoroughly involved with the club, and much more! All members and their families are invited.

Join us for food, drinks, and a fun filled night!

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