In an effort to increase student’s understanding about Creek FBLA, the following frequently asked questions have been included below for your convenience.

Why should I become an FBLA member?

Future Business Leaders of America truly is a great organization. FBLA is an amazing outlet to step out of your comfort zone and try something new to enhance and foster essential business skills. The membership benefits of FBLA are extensive but some of the most prominent include: developing leadership and networking skills, gaining competition experience, having the chance to earn awards and recognition, traveling the world, making new friendship and having a lot of fun. Be part of a selective group of students who are dedicated to learning about the business world and preparing for collegiate and career paths.

What are the membership responsibilities of being part of Creek FBLA?

As a member of Creek FBLA, you are responsible for competing in two different events at the District competition, one individual and one team, participating in fundraisers, community events, and social events, and coming to the weekly meetings. Members are expected to work hard to do well in their events!

What are the requirements to become a Creek FBLA member?

In order to be eligible to be part of Creek’s FBLA club, students must either be currently enrolled in a business class (economics is considered a business class), write a one page paper on why they would like to be part of FBLA, or be a returning member from the previous year.

What does Creek FBLA do?

Creek FBLA organizes chapter meetings, participates in numerous competitive and social events, conducts fundraising campaigns, and is involved in numerous community service projects. However, the main focus of CCHS FBLA is to have members who are constantly encouraged to share ideas, who are motivated and inspired to actively engage in FBLA, and who are empowered to become tomorrow’s business leaders. We believe that it takes a lot of practice to become a great leader. The perfect way to practice is to join FBLA! Get involved!

What competitive events does Creek FBLA participate in?

Creek FBLA participates in many competitive events ranging from Cybersecurity to Financial Business Plan. There is truly an event for everyone. There are individual testing events, individual presentations, team testing and roleplay events, and chapter events.

What are the important deadlines for this club?

The most important deadline for members of FBLA is the district competition on February 22nd, 2020. At this competition, you will compete in your judged events.

Another important date it the deadline for taking a competitive test. You must have taken the test by the given date in January (TBD)

How can I become a Creek FBLA Officer?

Fill out an application from that will be made available at the end of the year

What are the lettering requirements for Creek FBLA?

The lettering requirements can be found under the Resources page of this website.

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