Future Business Leader


Specific cases are given during the conference. The case will be a Problem or a Scenario encountered in the banking or financial business community.

Event Introduction

Future Business Leader is a ‘Interview Event’.These events consist of multiple components, including material submission prior to the conference, a preliminary interview, and a final interview. The Future Business Leader event also includes an objective test.

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  • Competitors must bring one hard copy of résumé and cover letter in a folder, to be left with the judges, to each round of interviews onsite.

  • Label folders with the event title, competitor’s name, state, and school. Include the competitor’s name on all pages submitted.

  • Résumés should be brief, not exceeding two pages. Photographs are not allowed.

  • Competitors will be scheduled for a ten-minute preliminary interview.

  • Finalists will be scheduled for a 15-minute interview.

  • Preliminary and final interviews are not open to conference attendees.

  • Objective test scores will be used to break a tie in the final round of the Future Business Leader event.