Help Desk


Specific Cases are given during the conference. This case will be an interactive role‐play scenario will be given based on customer service in the technical field.

Event Introduction

Desk Help is an ‘Individual Objective Test and Role Play Event’. This event consists of two parts, an objective test, and an individual role play. A 60‐minute objective test will be administered onsite at the NLC.

Desk Help is a Team or Individual event. 



  • Two 4” x 6” note cards will be provided to each competitor and may be used during event preparation and performance. Information may be written on both sides of the note cards. Note cards willbecollected following thepresentation.

  • No additional reference materials allowed.

  • Individuals should introduce themselves, describe the situation, make their recommendations, and summarize

    their cases.

  • All questions raised in the case must be

    addressed during the presentation.

  • Turn off electronic devices.

  • Objective test scores will be used to break a tie.

  • Final performances are not open to

    conference attendees.

    Preparation time: 10 minutes 

Performance time: 5 minutes