Introduction to Social Media Strategy

2021 NLC Topic

Develop a social media strategy or campaign to increase engagement and presence for career and technical education (CTE), a school district, or a local government entity. *No new social media account(s) should be created for the campaign without written consent from the entity.

Event Introduction

Introduction to Social Media Strategy is a ‘Presentation Event with Equipment’. These events include a presentation. Review Guidelines for more details. 

Introduction to Social Media Strategy is a Team or Individual Event 



  • Develop a marketing strategy, utilizing social media, to effectively address a recruitment opportunity and a strategic approach to target audience.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of social media marketing beyond community management, including but not limited to: developing unique content, effectively utilizing existing content, optimizing content for search, and distributing content across as many platforms as possible within a limited budget.

  • Describe any applicable insight/research methodology as to why you have chosen specific platforms, messaging, content, engagement, and outreach strategies.

  • Overall campaign—images, videos, copywriting, graphic designs (if applicable)—is creative and appealing.

  • Final product indicates a clear thought process, a well-formulated campaign, and execution of a firm idea.

  • Effectively communicate required information and drive the campaign toward a clear call-to-action.

  • Visual aids and samples specifically related to the project may be used in the presentation;however,noitemsmaybeleftwiththejudgesor audience.

  • Comply with state and federal copyright laws.