Meet your Officers

Our team

“Leadership and Learning are Indispensable to each other”- John F. Kennedy

Derrick Hsieh


How’s it going? I’m Derrick. Senior at Cherry Creek High School and the person that made this website. I have the passion of tinkering around technology and circumventing my ways around problems. I am especially excited to see how much can be achieved throughout this virtual learning setting this year. In addition to FBLA, I play the piano for jazz band, run cross country, and serve as a captain for Model UN. 

Maria Barun

Executive State Officer

Hi! My name is Maria Barun and I am a Senior here at Creek. I currently serve as your Colorado Executive State Officer of Service. This means I get the opportunity to plan conferences on the state level and be a part of the State Officer team while keeping Creek involved. Along with FBLA I am involved in Speech and Debate, NHS, CCHS Swim, water polo, and CCHS tennis. I can’t wait for a great year!

Priya Bhavikatti


Hi! My name is Priya Bhavikatti. I am a junior at Cherry Creek High School, and an officer for FBLA! I am passionate about the business world as well as photography & creating art in general. I hope to enhance my leadership and marketing skills for the future. I can’t wait to see where Creek FBLA goes this year!

Akshita Kakumanu


My name is Akshita Kakumanu I am a junior and the treasurer at Creek FBLA this year! I have been doing FBLA since my freshman year and even made it to nationals both years, I have had very exciting experiences in FBLA and have had the opportunity to meet a group of very smart and talented people through this club. I can’t wait to have another great year as we tackle the new challenges of being virtual.

Brayden Gwartzmen


Brayden Gwartzman is a Senior at CCHS and has been an active member of FBLA since his Sophomore year. Brayden is excited to be Creek FBLA’s Co- President and he plans on leading and guiding the CCHS FBLA chapter with help coordinating events, leadership opportunities, and promoting a positive business lifestyle. Along with FBLA, Brayden is a tik toker, bodybuilder, Powerlifter, and world traveler. Brayden has been surrounded by business all of his life and is excited to share his expertise with the rest of the chapter this 2020-2021 school year. 

Negha Sethuramalingam


Negha Sethuramalingam is a dynamic individual who is talkative but quiet. She is so funny that sometimes she is unable to laugh at her own jokes. She is extremely excited and looking forward to meeting you all and having a blast in FBLA.

Kiran Patt


Hi Everyone! My name is Kiran Patt and I am a Junior at Creek, and this is my third year in FBLA. I am also a part of the Speech and Debate team, the boys’ tennis team, the GT advisory board, and HSDA. 

Briana Chen


Briana Chen is a senior at Cherry Creek High School and the Creek FBLA Secretary for the 2020-2021 school year. She is a two-time FBLA Nationals competitor and thoroughly values the business experience and connections the club has brought her since Sophomore year. She also has an interest in all things imagination—digital art, writing, and graphic design included!

Luisa Leal


Hey everyone! My name is Luisa Leal. I am a sophomore and an FBLA officer this year! I am passionate about music, and I play the violin in the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra. I am very excited for this year!

Aadya Panigrahi


Hey I’m Aadya. I am one of you’re presidents this year. I spend a lot of time on FBLA, but I am not I like to debate, play with my dog, and watch the show Psych. It is going to be an amazing year! I am excited to see what everyone does. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Health Megnin


Hi! My name is Heath Megnin. I am a Junior here at Cherry Creek High School, and an Officer for FBLA! Outside of FBLA, I am an avid skier and sailor. This is my second year in FBLA, and made it to Nationals last year. In FBLA, I have been able to meet amazing people and expand my knowledge of the business world. I cannot wait to see where this year takes us!