Mobile Application Development

2021 NLC Topic

Create the next NEW professional social media app (i.e. LinkedIn, Tallo, etc.). The app must be rated for all ages.

Event Introduction

Mobile Application Development is a ‘Demonstration Event’. These events consist of a demonstration of the project. Competitors are responsible for demonstrating the usability and functionality of the project.

Mobile Application Development is a Team or Individual Event.  



  • The following platforms may be used to develop the project: Google’s Android, Apple iOS, or Microsoft Windows Phone.

  • The solution must run standalone with no programming errors.

  • Applications may deploy from a smartphone, tablet, or both, but must be smartphone deployable.

  • Applications do not need to be available for download from a digital-distribution

    multimedia-content service.

  • The usability and functionality of the program must be demonstrated to the judges.

  • Competitors must show the judges any of the following that are applicable; read me file,

    source code, documentation of templates/libraries used, documentation of copyrighted material used.

Performance time: 7 minutes