Sales Presentation

2021 NLC Topic

Competitor’s Choice

Event Introduction

Sales Presentation is a ‘Presentation Event with Equipment’. These events include a presentation. Review Guidelines for more details. 

Sales Presentation is a Team or Individual Event 



  • The individual or team may sell whichever product or service they choose.

  • The individual or team shall provide the necessary materials and

    merchandise for the demonstration along with the product.

  • Each individual’s/team’s demonstration must be the result of his/her own

    efforts. Facts and working data may be secured from any source.

  • Student members, not advisers, must prepare the demonstration.

  • Visual aids and samples related to the presentation may be used in the

    presentation; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience.

  • When delivering the demonstration, the individual/team may use notes, note cards,

    and props. All materials must be removed at the end of the performance.

  • This is an interactive event and judges may ask questions throughout the