Securities and Investments


1.    Define terminology common to securities & investments

2.    Demonstrate knowledge of savings

3.    Identify stages of investing and relationship between risk and return

4.    Identify sources of financial information to make investment decisions

1.     Describe individual savings accounts

2.    Demonstrate knowledge of Pensions

3.    Demonstrate knowledge of taxation

4.    Describe and Identify Investment bonds

1.    Identify and explain the different types of loans

2.    Explain the purposes of mortgages

3.    Demonstrate the knowledge and purpose of life assurance

4.    Describe and explain unit trusts

5.    Describe opened ended investment companies

6.    Identify the characteristics of pricing, dealing, and settlement

7.    Identify and explain what Investment trusts are

8.    Demonstrate knowledge how hedge funds work

1.       Explain how stock market benefits investors and companies

2.       Analyze stock tables for investment related information

3.       Describe options for handling accumulated money/earnings

4.       Understand the types of investments

5.       Compare and differentiate between Primary vs secondary markets

6.       Distinguish between Bull, bear, and pig markets

1.     Demonstrate knowledge of compounding

2.     Explain the purpose of company

3.     Describe ethical behavior in support center.

4.     Understand the process of gathering relevant information

5.     Evaluate financial statements

6.     Define terminology common to stock markets and other investments

1. Understanding and explaining total return

2. Describe mutual funds and its involvement with taxes

3. Identify the process of purchasing mutual funds

4.  Explain benefits with investment in mutual funds

5.  Understand fund costs

1.Demonstare the knowledge of bond duration

2. Describe the process of buying bonds

3. Describe the process of issuing bonds

4. Identify the roles of collateral

5. Compare secured and unsecured bonds

6. Introduction to government bonds

7. Identify U.S. government agency bonds and savings bonds

1.  Demonstrate the knowledge of Futures

2. Demonstrate the knowledge of Options

3. Demonstrate the knowledge of SWAPS

4. Describe the different uses of Derivatives

1.  Explain Financial Services & Markets Act

2. Identify Financial Crime

3. Explain insider dealing and market abuse

4. Describe the Data Protection Act 1998

5. Identify types of Breaches, complaints, and compensation